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Install Android On iPhone 2G/3G Using BootLace [How To]

Remember iPhodroid which installs Android OS on your iPhone? Well, some hackers made it even easier than before, you can now install Google's Android OS on your iPhone directly  without using a computer thanks to the updated version of BootLace.

IM, Make Video/Voice Calls For Free And IM With iMovicha

We got our hands on a whole new app called iMovicha released through Cydia today which allows you to make free video/voice calls And IM to an iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows , and Blackberry phone.

So why are all these features free?

iMovicha enables this through a 3G/Wifi connection. As long as you have an active internet connection you can IM or video/voice call your friends for free, even if they are not on an iPhone.

[HowTo] Install Android OS on iPhone 2G and 3G on Mac


A brief introduction:

This app will automatically transfer all the files to your iDevice, and keeps the device safe as  no installation is processed. But currently it is available only for Mac users. However, if you use iPhodroid, you will no longer need a Linux machine or a Linux virtual machine.