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TweakWeek : A New Cydia Tweak Everyday For 7 Days

Ryan Petrich, a well known jailbreak tweak developer, has recently tweeted a new initiative called TweakWeek. TweakWeek will be an ongoing initiative for Cydia developers to take part in. Once a day, for a week, a new tweak will be released into Ryan Petrich’s beta repository. All the tweaks will be free and available for the jailbreak community to download the day of, and will be open source. Hit the jump to download all these Cydia tweaks.

Working iPad 2 Jailbreak Is Just 3 Week Away

Well, it looks like we have some great news here about the iPad 2 jailbreak here. A new tweet from Veeence, a jailbreak news aggregator who claims that a fully working iPad 2 jailbreak tool is just 3 weeks away. Earlier, we told you that the iPad 2 jailbreak will not be called greenpoison. From the tweet, @P0sixninja seems told @Veeence about the released date. It looks like no more predictions. The real ETA may be less or more than that rough ETA.

PhoneItiPad : Unlock Call, SMS,Facetime Using iPad 3G

The team behind FaceIt3GS, iPhoneIslam is back with a bang, bringing Call and SMS Text messages support for iPad 3G with the Cydia hack PhoneItiPad. In the video, this jailbreak tweak will soon unlock calling and SMS messages on your iPad. iPad 3G by itself allows internet connection on SIM but it doesn’t allow Call and SMS support. But it’s not the case anymore now iPhoneIslam has successfully hacked iPad 3G and enabled Call, SMS Text message and FaceTime on iPad 3G with the Cydia tweak- PhoneItiPad.

MyWi 4 OnDemand Cracked [All Versions]

MyWi is an easy to use app and has great functionality. MyWi has a feature- OnDemand feature which lets you create Wifi hotspots on demand. This article has free download links to all MyWi OnDemand tethering app cracks available only to jailbreakers through Cydia. Download the all MyWi cracks for free below. See MyWi Ondemand crack running on our iPhone 4.

AndroidLoader For iOS Released In Cydia

Only a couple of days ago we showed you a quick and nice preview of the AndroidLoader tweak, and just as promised the tweak was released 48 hours later. In case you missed our last post describing AndroidLoader – AndroidLoader will allow you to view all your apps on a single page with a tap or slide gesture like Android OS. It will only work with the iPhone or iPod Touch, no iPad support yet and is currently available through the Cydia store at a staggering price of $2.99. See AndroidLoader screens and pictures below.

AndroidLoader : View All Your Apps, Android Style [Cydia]

For all of you Android lovers out there a new tweak will be released in Cydia within the next 24 hours called AndroidLoader. AndroidLoader adds a slider to the home screen, allowing users to slide up in order to load apps, similar to Android’s default launcher. It will cost you $2.99 and will only work with the iPhone or iPod Touch, no iPad support yet. See AndroidLoader's screenshots and pictures below.

140plus : Tweet More Than 140 Characters [Cydia]

Have you ever wanted to tweet more than 140 words? If so, then 140plus is the right Cydia app for you. This Twitter-related jailbreak tweak has gone public in Cydia (jailbreak installer) for free. The 140plus jailbreak tweak is developed by Moe Seth, the person behind Photector. This Twitter hack will allow users to continue tweeting, even when they cross the 140 characters limit is reached. Read more about 140plus hack below.

Installer 4.0 Compatible Sources,Repos List [Working]

With the return of Installer 4.0 to the jailbreak scene just like Tom Cruise does with every MI movie, many people are unable to find Installer 4.0 compatible sources/repos/repositories. Installer 4.0 sources (repositories) allow the installation of software packages, most of which are available to download at no cost. You can add these sources (repositories or repos) yourself and have access to all types of apps for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. See the list of Installer 4.0 compatible sources/repos below.

Installer 4.0 Back To Jailbreak Scene, Works With iOS 4.3.3

Installer 4.0 is back, Infini Dev team has ported Installer 4.0 to the latest iOS 4.3.3 firmware. Installer 4.0 works with iOS 4.2.1 firmware and later. Installer 4.0 is an alternative to Cydia but works quite differently. You won’t be able to add Cydia repos to Installer and vise versa Right now, Installer is a world first third party App Store long before Cydia, Icy and Rock in the jailbreak scene. Read the tutorial below on how to install Installer 4.0 on your iDevice.

Jailbreak iPad 2 With greenpoison RC6.2 [Update]

Chronic Dev Team, the developer of the flagship greenpoison jailbreak tool, has posted an article on greenpoison official blog regarding iPad 2 jailbreak status and upgrading greenpoison to jailbreak untethered  iOS 4.3,4.3.1,4.3.2,4.3.3  for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G, 3G and iPad 1. The new update will be called greenpoison RC6.2Your wait for a working iPad 2 jailbreak, probably will be over soon and it might take just a few weeks (hopefully), and that too an untethered one.  Check out their iPad 2 jailbreak update and tweet after the jump.

FootPrintz : Map Your Location Data History [Jailbreak]

About a month ago there was some crazy streak about how your iPhone, iPad is tracking your every move. With the release of iOS 4.3.3, Apple fixed this location tracking issue. After that, Ryan Petrich released a free Cydia tweak Untrackerd that would clear the iPhone’s location history. Cydia again has another solution for you - Footprintz. This new jailbreak app turns the iPhone’s logged location data into plots on a map, similar to the desktop software that was released when the location bug went public last month.

Speed Up YouTube Stream Videos Using TCP Optimizer [How To]

If you are a regular iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad user, you would have probably noticed the sluggish and annoyingly slow streaming speeds for YouTube and other services. TCP Optimizer is a new and free Cydia (jailbreak) tweak that modifies your iDevice’s settings to increase Youtube video streaming speeds and improves the overall internet connection including Wifi speed. Read the tutorial below on how to increase Youtube stream and Wifi speed.

All Cydia Sources List

Cydia installer's sources (repositories) allow the installation of software packages, most of which are available to download at no cost. You can add these sources (repositories or repos) yourself and have access to all types of .deb packages to download and install on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Also, at Modyourpod repo all kinds of apps that you would normally pay for in Cydia are cracked and free. Download .deb file directly to your computer and manually install it using WinSCP or Cyberduck or iFile.

RecognizeMe : Facial Recognition For Jailbroken iPhone

A YouTube video surfaced today of a new tweak coming into Cydia. This tweak has been named RecognizeMe and brings biometric security or facial recognition feature to your iDevice for the first time ever. Meaning that instead of having to enter a passcode on the lockscreen you can use facial recognition technology to unlock your iPhone. By matching your face to a pre-defined database, RecognizeMe will unlock your iPhone and give you access to your device. In case you need a reason to jailbreak your iPhone, RecognizeMe is one of them.

Lima : Browser based Cydia Alternative

The developers of Icy, Infini Dev Team, another 3rd party jailbreak installer, have another Cydia alternative in the offing called Lima. Lima is a new browser based version of Cydia that does not need to be installed to your iDevice. Lima is accessible over the internet and will be the first major attempt to make a browser based version of Cydia. It’s just like Android Market or Amazon Appstore for Android, which both allow for browser-based software discovery and installation.

PhySwitch : Switch Between Apps Using Volume Keys

A new tweak was released into Cydia called PhySwitch. This very useful tweak allows you to use your iPhone’s, iPod touch’s volume keys to switch between apps. While this may not sound good, but after looking into PhySwitch you will find this ability should be native functionality. It not only makes switching between applications and easier process it makes it twice as fast. This tweak does not work with the iPad at this time.

MyApps : Find Other Cydia Apps From Any Developer

Do you have a favorite Cydia dev or hacker? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily find other packages by that same developer? If you answered yes to any one of those questions you will be glad to know a new tweak was released into Cydia called MyApps with just these intentions. MyApps is a utility that will find other Cydia packages from any dev using a single packages name. For example if you typed in Activator you would be returned with a list of Cydia packages by Ryan Petrich. See the screenshots of the apps below.

Untrackerd Tweak : Stop Your iPhone,iPad From Tracking Your Location

An interesting discovery has been made by a group of security researchers. It appears as if Apple has implemented a new feature in the iOS 4.x.x firmware that constantly keeps track of your location and stores this information in a secret file called called consolidated.db on your own iPhone or iPad. But as we have a tweak for about anything and everything available on Cydia. Likewise, we also have a Cydia tweak for this issue- Untrackerd. It stops your iPhone or iPad from tracking your location. Download Untrackerd tweak below.

Download Celeste Cracked [Crack]

Celeste cracked is a Bluetooth file transfer app which unlocks the bluetooth sharing feature on your iDevice. Celeste cracked allows your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 4.2 or later to send and receive files from any mobile phone like BlackBerry, Motorola and any computer (Mac or PC) that supports OBEX Bluetooth file transfer. With zero configuration, Celeste crack integrates with a wide variety of apps – including Photos, iPod, Contacts, iBooks, Voice Memos, iFile and DropBox. Download Celeste.deb cracked after the jump. Celeste cracked is a breeze to install and use, so even average users can use it. The new Celeste cracked .deb file has been released and is now fully working.

Cydia 1.1 Update Released [Download]

Jay Freeman, a.k.a Saurik just tweeted that Cydia 1.1 update has been released, the new Cydia 1.1 focuses on being even “faster, slimmer and more stable”. It also adds an improved search algorithm and a “resume where you left off” feature. The UI of Cydia 1.1 has not changed at all and looks pretty much the same. One of the oft-requested features for Cydia was support for multi-tasking, this is not possible because of the requirement that Cydia run as Root whilst SpringBoard does not, meaning it could not control Cydia like it can a normal app and let it run in the background. Hit the break for Cydia 1.1.deb update download link.