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PhoneItiPad : Make Calls,SMS With iPad 3G [Download]

Just a few weeks back, we told you about PhoneItiPad, an iPad specific hack that unlocks calling and SMS messages on your iPad. iPad 3G by itself allows internet connection on SIM but it doesn’t allow Call and SMS support. But it’s not the case anymore now iPhoneIslam has successfully hacked iPad 3G and enabled Call, SMS Text messages and FaceTime on iPad 3G with the Cydia tweak. The tweak is finally available for a hefty sum of $19.99.

TweakWeek : A New Cydia Tweak Everyday For 7 Days

Ryan Petrich, a well known jailbreak tweak developer, has recently tweeted a new initiative called TweakWeek. TweakWeek will be an ongoing initiative for Cydia developers to take part in. Once a day, for a week, a new tweak will be released into Ryan Petrich’s beta repository. All the tweaks will be free and available for the jailbreak community to download the day of, and will be open source. Hit the jump to download all these Cydia tweaks.

PhoneItiPad : Unlock Call, SMS,Facetime Using iPad 3G

The team behind FaceIt3GS, iPhoneIslam is back with a bang, bringing Call and SMS Text messages support for iPad 3G with the Cydia hack PhoneItiPad. In the video, this jailbreak tweak will soon unlock calling and SMS messages on your iPad. iPad 3G by itself allows internet connection on SIM but it doesn’t allow Call and SMS support. But it’s not the case anymore now iPhoneIslam has successfully hacked iPad 3G and enabled Call, SMS Text message and FaceTime on iPad 3G with the Cydia tweak- PhoneItiPad.

MyWi 4 OnDemand Cracked [All Versions]

MyWi is an easy to use app and has great functionality. MyWi has a feature- OnDemand feature which lets you create Wifi hotspots on demand. This article has free download links to all MyWi OnDemand tethering app cracks available only to jailbreakers through Cydia. Download the all MyWi cracks for free below. See MyWi Ondemand crack running on our iPhone 4.

AndroidLoader For iOS Released In Cydia

Only a couple of days ago we showed you a quick and nice preview of the AndroidLoader tweak, and just as promised the tweak was released 48 hours later. In case you missed our last post describing AndroidLoader – AndroidLoader will allow you to view all your apps on a single page with a tap or slide gesture like Android OS. It will only work with the iPhone or iPod Touch, no iPad support yet and is currently available through the Cydia store at a staggering price of $2.99. See AndroidLoader screens and pictures below.

RecognizeMe : Facial Recognition For Jailbroken iPhone

A YouTube video surfaced today of a new tweak coming into Cydia. This tweak has been named RecognizeMe and brings biometric security or facial recognition feature to your iDevice for the first time ever. Meaning that instead of having to enter a passcode on the lockscreen you can use facial recognition technology to unlock your iPhone. By matching your face to a pre-defined database, RecognizeMe will unlock your iPhone and give you access to your device. In case you need a reason to jailbreak your iPhone, RecognizeMe is one of them.

Download Celeste Cracked [Crack]

Celeste cracked is a Bluetooth file transfer app which unlocks the bluetooth sharing feature on your iDevice. Celeste cracked allows your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 4.2 or later to send and receive files from any mobile phone like BlackBerry, Motorola and any computer (Mac or PC) that supports OBEX Bluetooth file transfer. With zero configuration, Celeste crack integrates with a wide variety of apps – including Photos, iPod, Contacts, iBooks, Voice Memos, iFile and DropBox. Download Celeste.deb cracked after the jump. Celeste cracked is a breeze to install and use, so even average users can use it. The new Celeste cracked .deb file has been released and is now fully working.

Installous 4.3 Released, Fixes Many Errors

Hey folks! this is just a quick heads up to let you know that Installous was updated bringing Installous to version 4.3. Installous 4.3 does not include much in terms of new functionality but fixes a few bugs, improves the overall performance of Installous and adds support for German translation. In case you don't know what Installous is, it is an app which allows users to download cracked AppStore applications for free, in hopes that if you like the application you will purchase it after. You can take a look at the official of Installous 4.3 features changelog below.

MyWi 4.50.20 OnDemand [Crack]

MyWi 4.50.20 below is easy to use and has great functionality. MyWi has an additional feature OnDemand feature which lets you create Wifi hotspots on demand. This video features the newly released MyWi OnDemand tethering app available only to jailbreakers through Cydia. The app now has a smaller battery footprint, an iPad app companion, and a new “Set and Forget” feature that throttles the amount of tethering (internet sharing) between your iPhone and another device depeinging on how much data the device is requesting (saving a considerable amount of battery life).

TomTom 1.6 Benelux IPA [Crack]

The same world-class turn-by-turn navigation that is enjoyed by 45 million people every day has now been tailored specifically to the iPhone. TomTom’s patented mapping and routing intelligence is at the core of the TomTom App. TomTom is known the world over for the accuracy and extensive coverage of its maps. TomTom maps have been rated highest in terms of quality and reliability. No mobile signal or data plan is required to browse your map and navigate to your destination. And, only TomTom offers IQ Routes, which evaluates routes based on actual traffic speeds rather than posted speed limits, and recommends the fastest route based on the time of the day.

MyWi 4.12.5 [Crack]

Many users reported a lot of issues with MyWi 4.11.2 installation but this new version fixes all the bugs. MyWi 4.12.5 below is easy to use and has great functionality. Follow the tutorial below to have fully functional MyWi 4.12.5 running on your iDevice.

Fix Installous 4 Crash On Your iDevice [How To]

We recently told you that Installous has been updated to version 4.0. This new Installous 4 version is crashing for many users and they can't use it effectively on their iDevices. Besides crashing some users also notified us about the Installous 4 problem with the backgrounder app on their iDevices. But what to do if Installous 4 keeps crashing? Read the tutorial below to fix Installous 4 crashes on your iDevices. We have also devised out methods to fix Fileape and Mediafire, Installous search button and API error crashes and make Installous 4 work again.

Install PDANet 4.18 Crack .deb On Your iPhone [How To]

If MyWi is not working for you, here is a great alternative for you to use for internet tethering called PDANet 4.18. PDANet 4.18 works just like MyWi and in some cases it is actually better than MyWi. PDANet 4.18 app creates a WiFi HotSpot on the go so you can connect through your wireless antenna just like you would do with your router or MyWi.

Download Torrents With iDemonoid App [Crack]

Torrents can be a touchy subject. Generally, we do not support or condone piracy, but we do believe in the “try before you buy” philosophy. When a great app is released for our favourite hand held device, we can’t ignore it. Demonoid, a popular, private torrent tracker, has released an iOS app, in Cydia. If you do any torrent downloading with Demonoid, this is a must have app. This app allows you to browse all the torrents on the site.