We recently told you that Installous has been updated to version 4.0. This new Installous 4 version is crashing for many users and they can't use it effectively on their iDevices. Besides crashing some users also notified us about the Installous 4 problem with the backgrounder app on their iDevices. But what to do if Installous 4 keeps crashing? Read the tutorial below to fix Installous 4 crashes on your iDevices. We have also devised out methods to fix Fileape and Mediafire, Installous search button and API error crashes and make Installous 4 work again.

Fix Installous 4 Crash On Your iDevice [How To] :

Method #1 : Fix Installous search button crash

1) Start iFile and go to /Applications/Installous.app/
2) Delete the file Searchviewcontroller.nib. Now, Installous search button will not crash and work perfectly after this.

Method #2 :

1) Start iFile and go to /Applications/Installous.app
2) Search for the file Installous.
3) Click the blue arrow for the first file.
4) Go down to access permissions.
5) Remove the Sticky (setuid) bit from User, Group and General, if set.
6) Click Done

Method #3 :

If the above method doesn't fix Installous 4 crashes, then :

1) Repeat steps 3) to 6) for the file "Installous_". 
2) Close iFile and run Installous 4.

Method #4 :

Change backgrounder app settings for Installous 4 to :

* Auto detect
* Not to start automatically
* Not to stay active

Method #5 : Fileape and Mediafire download crash

Many users are reporting Fileape and Mediafire download crashes. We have a method to fix this issue on Installous 4. So, if you are having problems downloading apps from Fileape and Mediafire, try this :

Uninstall Safari Download Plugin and reinstall Installous 4. Now you will be able to download apps from Fileape and Mediafire again.

Method #6 : Fix Installous API error

1) Uninstall Appsync and Installous 4.x.
2) Reboot Device.
3) Install the correct AppSync.
4) Install latest version of Installous 4 from our repo.
5) Open the real App Store and install a FREE app.
6) Open Installous 4 and start downloading and installing apps without any API error..

Method #6 : Download Installous 4 

Another way to fix many bugs and issues is to update Installous 4 to the latest version available. You can download the latest version of Installous 4 from Mod Your Pod repo as shown below.

If you are facing any crashes and errors in Cydia after jailbreak, follow this guide.

Please don't forget to tell us how Installous 4 is working now. If you have any other errors and issues report them to us in the comments section below. If you have any other fix for fixing Installous 4 crashing notify us.