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Jailbreak iOS 5 Using snowbreeze 2.8b1 (Windows) [How To]

snowbreeze 2.8b1, a jailbreak tool for Windows, has now been updated by iH8sn0w to support  iOS 5 firmware, which was earlier jailbroken using redsnow only on Mac. The reason to use snowbreeze is that it is currently the only jailbreak tool for iOS 5 Beta which is available for Windows, and it will also preserve your old baseband so that you can unlock your iPhone in future using ultrasnow. Unfortunately, this is a tethered jailbreak, you have to connect your iDevice to a computer when powering it on to boot it into jailbroken state.

Jailbreak iOS 5 Using redsnow 0.9.8b1 (Mac) [How To]

Can't wait to jailbreak your new iOS 5 then here is some good news for you. iPhone Dev Team have just pushed redsnow 0.9.8b1 which will jailbreak (tethered) iOS 5 Beta on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. iOS 5 Beta was released just a couple of days ago at WWDC 2011 and was already jailbroken by Musclenerd using Geohot's limerain exploit after 8 hours of its release. Unfortunately, this jailbreak currently only works on Mac, Windows version is in the works and will be released soon. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak your iDevice using redsnow 0.9.8b1 below.

Downgrade iOS 5 To iOS 4.3.3 or Below On Your iDevice [How To]

Apple released iOS 5 beta to developers a day before yesterday to test and make their apps compatible with iOS 5. If you are not a developer, you would have updated to iOS 5 on. With iOS 5 being jailbroken using Limerain exploit on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, 3G & iPad,  a working jailbreak will be out soon. If you want to go from iOS 5 back to iOS 4.3.3 or older to get back untethered jailbreak & unlock then follow the tutorial below.

Fix iOS 5 Error 3002,16xx In iTunes [How To]

Since Apple released iOS 5 firmware update a day before yesterday at WWDC 2011 many users and even developers are reporting errors 3002,1604,1600 when updating to iOS 5 in iTunes. You will be able to fix this problem using the below tutorial. However, it is not a official fix but following the steps might fix the above iTunes error codes. Follow the step-by-step guide below.

Bypass, Skip Activation On iOS 5 [How To]

After we gave you the direct download links for iOS 5, we have a new tutorial for you to help you bypass the activation process and start running the new iOS 5 firmware. This is not a jailbreak, but it will let you use iOS 5 beta without activating it. This iOS 5 hack also exploits a security flaw in the activation screen. Even those users can apply this hack who are new to jailbreaking, as it requires no hacking or jalbreaking.

Activate iOS 5 Without Developer Account, UDID [How To]

If you are not a developer but still want to teat iOS 5, then this tutorial is definitely for you. Below are the instructions on how to upgrade and activate the iOS 5 firmware without a developer account. This iOS 5 hack was discovered Mert Erdir and exploits a security flaw in the activation screen. Even those users can apply this hack who are new to jailbreaking, as this is simply a backdoor exploit which requires no hacking or jalbreaking.

Installer 4.0 Compatible Sources,Repos List [Working]

With the return of Installer 4.0 to the jailbreak scene just like Tom Cruise does with every MI movie, many people are unable to find Installer 4.0 compatible sources/repos/repositories. Installer 4.0 sources (repositories) allow the installation of software packages, most of which are available to download at no cost. You can add these sources (repositories or repos) yourself and have access to all types of apps for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. See the list of Installer 4.0 compatible sources/repos below.

Installer 4.0 Back To Jailbreak Scene, Works With iOS 4.3.3

Installer 4.0 is back, Infini Dev team has ported Installer 4.0 to the latest iOS 4.3.3 firmware. Installer 4.0 works with iOS 4.2.1 firmware and later. Installer 4.0 is an alternative to Cydia but works quite differently. You won’t be able to add Cydia repos to Installer and vise versa Right now, Installer is a world first third party App Store long before Cydia, Icy and Rock in the jailbreak scene. Read the tutorial below on how to install Installer 4.0 on your iDevice.

Speed Up YouTube Stream Videos Using TCP Optimizer [How To]

If you are a regular iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad user, you would have probably noticed the sluggish and annoyingly slow streaming speeds for YouTube and other services. TCP Optimizer is a new and free Cydia (jailbreak) tweak that modifies your iDevice’s settings to increase Youtube video streaming speeds and improves the overall internet connection including Wifi speed. Read the tutorial below on how to increase Youtube stream and Wifi speed.

Play Flash Videos Without Jailbreaking On Your iDevice [How To]

All those non-jailbroken iDevice users who have lost all hope of playing Flash have a reason to rejoice. With a javaScript bookmark hack, you can play Flash videos directly on your iDevice without even requiring a jailbreak. This tweak works on all iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad models regardless of their capacity, generation or firmware. You do not need to jailbreak your iDevice in order to enable Flash videos on your iDevice with this tweak. There is no support for interactive Flash of any nature like games. Read the tutorial after the jump.

Fix Bricked iOS 4.3.3 iDevice After iTunes Update [How To]

A quick heads-up : many users are reporting their iDevices getting bricked after updating to iOS 4.3.3 using iTunes. The issues lies within the iTunes activation servers, which brick the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The iOS 4.3.3 update will all go fine on iTunes but iTunes failing to activate the iDevice resulting in a bricked iDevice. We have post details below on how to fix bricked iDevice on iOS 4.3.3 after iTunes update.

Jailbreak AppleTV 2G iOS 4.2.2 Using Pwnagetool [How To]

Few hours ago Apple released iOS 4.3 (iOS 4.2.2) for second generation AppleTV after fixing audio and video related bugs, but thanks to ion1c who has successfully ported his untethered jailbreak exploit to this update. To make the untethered jailbreak process easy for AppleTV 2G users, MuscleNerd has just released a new Pwnagetool bundle for iOS 4.2.2. You can follow the following step by step guide to get the untethered jailbreak on your AppleTV 2G.

Apple Drops iOS 4.2.2 For AppleTV 2G, Jailbreakers Unsafe

Apple has pushed out Apple TV firmware update iOS 4.2.2 (build 8F305) for the Apple TV 2G (second generation). This new update contains various bug fixes and stability improvements. This minor update also brings many fixes related to audio and video. You can find the direct download link and full changelog after the break. Also get the tutorial on how to update your AppleTV 2G to iOS 4.2.2 below.

Use Google Music Beta On Your iDevice [How To]

At Google I/O event 2011, Google announced their cloud based music service called Music Beta, Music Beta works on all Android devices and Tablets and computers, unfortunately iDevice owners were set out of luck again, Google said the service will only work on Android devices but thanks to some developers who found a way to get Music Beta working on iDevices. Read the tutorial to use Google Music Beta on your iDevice below.

Fix iTunes Error 3194 When Updating To iOS 4.3.3 [How To]

Many iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users are facing different iTunes errors while restoring or upgrading to stock, custom iOS 4.3.3 firmware. If you have received 3194 error. There was a bug just like this when iOS 4.3.2 was launched. If you have changed your system’s host file to point to Cydia’s SHSH caching server (probably for downgrading), you wont be able to restore or update to iOS 4.3.3. iTunes gives Error 3194. This is due to a Cydia bug which should be fixed soon. Follow the instructions below for fixing iTunes error 3194 when restoring or updating.

Fix iPhone App Stuck Waiting [How To]

Everyone needs apps while downloading only to get it stuck saying "Waiting". You can't delete it, but it wont download either. The most traditional fix to just reset your iPod Touch,  iPhone or iPad, but this did not works for everybody. We have developed a more practical and far more better method to fix iPhone apps waiting. The best part of this method to work is your iDevice doesn't need to be jailbroken. Read the tutorial after the jump.  

Unlock iPhone 4,3GS iOS 4.3.3 Using Ultrasnow 1.2.3 [How To]

The iPhone Dev Team have  the ultrasnow unlock for iPhone has been updated to support with iOS 4.3.3. This ultrasnow unlock will only work with iPhone 4 baseband 1.59.00, and iPhone 3G,3GS basebands 4.26.08, 5.11.07, 5.12.01, 5.13.04, and 6.15.00. If your baseband is different from these, then you can’t unlock using ultrasnow at the moment. Read the ultrasnow unlock tutorial below.

Jailbreak iOS 4.3.3 Using redsnow 0.9.6 rc14 [How To]

iOS 4.3.3 was released couple of hours ago, Comex confirmed that iOS 4.3.3 can be jailbreak tethered with i0n1c's exploit, now Dinod7, entrepreneur in iDevices jailbreak, has just performed a tethered jailbreak on iOS 4.3.3 and it has been successful. The current version of redsnow 0.9.6 is a tethered jailbreak only, which means that you will have to boot your iDevice in tethered state on every reboot. Follow the redsnow jailbreak guide given below.

Untether Jailbreak Verizon iPhone 4 Using redsnow [How To]

When redsnow 0.9.6 rc14 was released for an untethered iOS 4.3.2 jailbreak the only iDevice left out of this untethered jailbreak was the Verizon iPhone 4.  If you currently have a tethered jailbreak on the iOS 4.2.7 firmware and would like to untether your jailbreak, you will be glad to know you now we have a updated redsnow for you. iH8Sn0w recently released an updated version of snowbreeze (version 2.6.1) that supports jailbreaking the iOS 4.2.7 firmware untethered (Windows only) and iH8Sn0w and Pushfix has also created a Cydia package jailbreak.

Run iPad Apps On iPhone Using iTelePad2Pod [How To]

Have you ever dreamt an iPad app that you could use on your iPod Touch or iPhone? Well if you have, you will be glad to know it is now possible to run iPad apps on your iPod Touch or iPhone in a few clicks using iTelePad2Pod. If you have a Mac or Windows computer you can convert iPad apps into iPod Touch,iPhone compatible apps by running a simple Apple script. This script will also transfer the apps you convert to your iPod Touch,iPhone wirelessly (OPEN SSH must be installed). Read the tutorial on how to use iTelePad2Pod below.