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iFlat4 HD Theme For Free

Another new theme has been released in Cydia for free - iFlat4 HD. It is just another theme but its uniqueness lies in its slick and slim UI which is not only easy to use but also an absolute eye candy. It is available for free in Cydia via Xsellize repo.

iRetina+ : SBSettings Theme For iPhone 4

A new SBSettings theme has been released in Cydia : iRetina+. It is the first SBSettings theme ever to be powered by MobileSubstrate. It is a theme, but also allows much more customization and control from within the theme.

Top 9 Halloween iPhone Themes [Download]

With Halloween today, one of the easiest ways to give your iPhone a Halloween feel is to get a new Halloween iPhone theme. Below you will find the top 9 best Halloween iPhone themes that you can download for free.

[How To] Change Icons Without Jailbreaking

If you’re interested in theming your iPhone or iPod touch, but don’t have a jailbroken iDevice, there is now a FREE app for that - iPhone Explorer.

Check out the tutorial below.

Windows 98 v2.5 (great theme)

Version 2.5

Tired of 7 and Vista? This theme brings back Microsoft's top-selling OS, Windows 98, right on your iDevice! With pixelized icons and classic gray menus, this theme will hit home with nostalgia-addicts.

Don't see an icon in the theme? Request it. I will take all reasonable icon requests. Feel free to submit your own modifications and suggestions to this theme here or send them to me at!
What's New in v2.5?
  • Windows 98 SBSettings Theme! (see below for installation)
  • Backgrounder Badge that looks like shortcut icon
  • New icons and tweaks to older ones
  • Completely new skins for...
    • Music Player (iPod)
    • Safari
    • Notes
    • Calculator
  • Fixed several UI Image problems, thanks to beta testers
  • New carrier logos that take up less space
  • Optional 24-hour clock wallpaper
  • A few more surprises...
Download Now!
For setup instructions for this theme, please see Readme.pdf included with theme.

Buuf ²(great theme)

Click the image to open in full size. 

All in one Theme Including:

 - Over 3400 icons
- badge
- sms bubbles
- slider
- weather skin
- notes skin
- dialer skin
- lockscreen