We do not intend to pirate or to actually teach you how to pirate an app just for the sake of it. I do it and want to teach people how to do it for the following reasons ONLY!:
1) Lots of App Store apps are not free and  they don't  have a trial version so, people who dont want to shell out extra bucks can follow the instructions given in this tutorial.
2) When some apps migrate from Cydia or Installer and you have bought them before they migrated, there is no way to get them without actually buying them again via iTunes AppStore.


1) Download MobileInstallation and Patched MobileInstallation via Cydia and restart your phone.
2) Find a place that offers .ipa files which are the actual apps.
3) Add them to iTunes.
4) Sync and enjoy.

This website does NOT endorse piracy.
Piracy TALK is allowed.
But not piracy itself.
 If you have anything related that you would like to share. But we cannot accept it.
Developers do need money. Besides, if people keep on cracking their apps, they wont make any more nor will they even bother to update their apps.
If you have any queries please post them in comments.