First your going to need to grab “ifile” from the cydia repositories.  Be sure to check out the video below after the jump if you are having difficulties.

Steps To Overclock the iPad:

  1. Navigate to the following path with iFile app:
  2. System/Library/System Configuration/PowerManagement.bundle/
  3. You will find a file named “”
  4. Tap on the “Blue Arrow” next to the file.
  5. Rename this file to “SystemPowerProfileDefaultBACKUP.plist” so that your iPad may not be able to find / recognize the file. Inorder to rename a file using iFile, just touch the field with the file name and it becomes editable itself.
  6. Reboot your iPhone. Thats it! Your iPad is overclocked now.
PLZ Let us know how this works for you!