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Here's a quick how to:

1. Open Cydia
2. Go to sections
3. download the iAcces Repo
4. Install iAcces OS3.

5. Install and Reboot phone
6. You now have the chinese iAcess keyboard whenever you press the "globe" icon on the keyboard, it switches from your default to the chinese.

SSH into the phone to /Applications and copy the to your desktop. Go into the images folder and open the keyboard type you want to edit and replace it with an image of a themed keyboard from another theme or whatever. SSH the modified files back into the phone.

Reboot and respring your phone.

Open iAcces from the iPhone springboard and go into ALL options and turn everything to OFF. Go into all the arrows you see and turn everything to off.. Go back to the FIRST iAcess screen and leave only the very first option set to ON (which is the keyboard itself).

Reboot and you now have themed keyboard on OS 3.0

I went into the phone settings, and turned off the stock english keyboard and only left the emoji keyboard, so now the themed keyboard is my stock one, and the globe icon switches me to the emoji.

This is a great alternative while winterboard gets updated so that you can theme your own keyboard/dictionary.

This is not a themed keyboard but a whole new keyboard so it has no dictionary (auto correct).