One of the big drawbacks of Cydia is its sluggish speed. It takes a couple minutes from the time you launch Cydia to the time you can actually download something. Below is a simple and quick hack that will incredibly speed up Cydia by removing ads and screenshots in each package. That means you won’t see any ads anymore, but you won’t be able to see app screenshots also.

Make Cydia Faster [How To] :

1) SSH into your iPhone to /private/var/stash/Applications/

2) Make a backup of package.js.

3) Edit package.js and at around line 197 change the snippet of code to this

var depiction = package.depiction;
if ((!commercial) && (depiction == null || true))
else {


4) Reboot your iPhone

Now launch Cydia and you should see that the speed has been improved.