Majority of websites now have some amazing Flash content to offer. Apple's iDevices don't support it though, but there are workarounds to view Flash content on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Various apps like CloudBrowse and SkyFire work with South Park Studios, while jailbreak apps like Frash will allow you to play games, but has limited video capability.

#1 : CloudBrowse

CloudBrowse is an App that allows you to view Flash video content on iPad and iPhone. It's dirt cheap at 99 cents. It is region-locked to the US and Canada. It is just a desktop version of Firefox running on developer's servers and streaming to your iPad.

Available On : App Store

#2 : SkyFire

SkyFire App gives you Flash video viewing on the iPhone. It's not yet optimized for the iPad (like CloudBrowse) but is more immersive. This works by beaming the Flash video to SkyFire servers, re-encoding for iOS and then showing you the video content you wanted to see.

Available On : App Store

#3 : Frash

Frash requires a jailbreak, and allows your iPad to play Flash games. It is available on Cydia, which means you have to jailbreak your iPad to get it up and running.

Available On : Cydia

#4 : iOSFlashVideo 

iOSFlashVideo requires no jailbreak and no purchasing of apps. However, it only works for video embedded from, Break, Dailymotion, Flickr Video, MegaVideo (OPlayer or OPlayer Lite from App Store required) and Vimeo. Most of those websites will work directly through the browser, but sometimes embedded video doesn't show up.

Available On : Website Plugin

Enable Flash Content Using iOSFlashVideo [How To] :

1) Navigate your iOS browser here :

2) Bookmark the page and save.

3) Open your bookmarks and hit edit.

4) Choose iOSFlashVideo.

5) Delete everything before the word "Javascript" and hit done.

6) Close your bookmarks menu and you are ready to go.

You only have to do that the first time. From then on, when Flash content doesn't display on a page, you can simply hit iOSFlashVideo in your bookmarks to run the plugin. That's very limited, and those video sites listed above will work fine if you visit the site directly.