Cydia was recently updated and optimized for iOS 4.2.1. The new version works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Cydia V1.0.3366-1  is optimized for iOS 4.2.x. It can be installed on previous iOS versions but contains some bugs.This version of will require the latest MobileSubstrate to run.

You can install the .deb with iFile (from your iDevice) or command line (WinSCP Or MobileTerminal) over your old version. This new version of Cydia 1.0.3366-1 is optimized for iPad, landscape mode, speed of loading packages, rapid installation of a package.

Download : Cydia 1.0.336-1

Cydia 1.0.336-1 Changelog :

● Reduced loading time exchange
● Section remapping optimizations
● Faster reloading data
● Faster, native search
● Uses public SDK classes Whenever possible
● Rewritten, faster web view with zoom support
● Exchange badge works again
● More stable WebView (No Crashes When queuing)
● Redesigned settings page
● Redesigned stashing page
● Faster scrolling of table views
● Bugs fixed
● No ads along Break the package views Until restart
● Much Better queuing IU
● Stabler refreshing bar

iPad Improvements :

● Landscape
● Popovesr
● Modal views cover only a portion That Of The Screen
● Less annoying Error with bad internet connections downloading packages
● Updated mapping section, less typo'd sections

new cydia iPad improvement