While the iPad made record sales a lot of people were disappointed due to the features offered by its competitors in the tablet lineup. Until Apple released the second generation iPads with the camera being the most sought after addition to the iPad line. Hit the break to find out what else we are expecting in the iPad 2.

The next generation of the iPad will most likely hit the shelves in the next few weeks depending on how fast the component manufacturers finish their tasks. Apple has almost always been ahead of all its competitors giving its products an edge in the market. Here are the features which we should be seeing in iPad 2.

#1: Cameras and FaceTime

Even the Mac supports FaceTime now. So, there’s obviously no chance that iPad 2 will be left out. Rumor’s suggest that component manufacturers are making two cameras for the upcoming iPad. Just like the iPhone 4, iPad 2 should feature a front VGA camera for FaceTime video calling as well as a rear 5 Megapixel camera.

#2: Retina Display

Apple has been paying a lot of attention to visual perfection on its screens. The new Macbook Air’s screen has as many pixels as the 15 inch Macbook Pro. The iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G already have Retina Display. So, in all iPad 2 will have the Retina Display though that is an expensive deal. Hopefully, Apple will find a way to cut down on the costs there.

#3: Increased Storage Capacity

With the introduction of Retina Display watching videos is even better. Also now that VLC media player is introduced for iPhone and iPad we can directly transfer most of our movies in no time. With all this coming, a boost in storage capacity is a must. Presently, the iPad has a maximum storage capacity of 64 GB and its very likely it will be going up to 128 GB.

#4: Increased Ram & Faster Processor

Some people have suggested that the A4 processor might be bumped up to 1.5Ghz. There also speculations that RAM will be increased from 256 to 512 MB just like the iPhone 4. This will again give Apple great edge over other devices in the market.

#5: Design Update

If Apple’s patent for nitride coatings for stainless steel make it in time, we might see no more aluminum back. Hopefully, the new design will bring lighter models and enhanced battery capacity just like the Macbook Air.

Other Rumors

We have also heard some rumors about the introduction of a smaller 7 inch sibling to the existing 9.7 inch model. Another rumor suggest that the iPad will sport a mini USB port and an extra dock to enable docking in both Portrait and Landscape Mode. While Apple adding any USB ports is highly unlikely now, the addition of extra dock can be expected.

Tell us what you have been looking forward to in the next generation of iPad.