Jay Freeman, a.k.a Saurik just tweeted that Cydia 1.1 update has been released, the new Cydia 1.1 focuses on being even “faster, slimmer and more stable”. It also adds an improved search algorithm and a “resume where you left off” feature. The UI of Cydia 1.1 has not changed at all and looks pretty much the same. One of the oft-requested features for Cydia was support for multi-tasking, this is not possible because of the requirement that Cydia run as Root whilst SpringBoard does not, meaning it could not control Cydia like it can a normal app and let it run in the background. Hit the break for Cydia 1.1.deb update download link.

 @saurik - Cydia 1.1: faster, slimmer, and more stable; including an improved search algorithm and “resume where you left off”. Available in Cydia now!
Note: Installing Cydia 1.1 removes older default packages. This is normal: repositories are managed differently, and will not be deleted.

In Cydia 1.1 update, Saurik has managed to fix the issue of multi-tasking with a “resume where you left off” feature which lets you quickly (I experienced less than 4 seconds wait time) get back to exactly where you were in the app, whether it be on a search page or inside a section folder.To get this update, all you need to do is, Launch Cydia and take the offered upgrade. We are still unclear on if this version of Cydia is compatible with iOS 4.3.1.
Download Cydia 1.1 : Cydia 1.1.deb