If you are not a developer but still want to use and activate iOS 5 beta 2 for free, then this tutorial is definitely for you. Below are the instructions on how to upgrade and activate the iOS 5 firmware without a developer account or UDID for free. Ali Yousuf has put up a video bypassing the UDID check of iOS 5 beta 2 on an iPhone 4. Even those users can apply this hack who are new to hacking, as this is simply a emergency call loophole which requires no hacking or jalbreaking.

Note : If you want to run the iOS 5 beta 2 firmware, we recommend you to save your SHSH blobs on the iOS 4.3.3 firmware (tutorial). If you encounter any error you will be able to downgrade back to iOS 4.3.3.

Activate iOS 5 Beta 2 Without Developer Account [How To] :

1) Press Home button on the iPhone’s Activation Screen.
2) Tap the Emergency Call button.
3) Dial 112 and press the Call button.
4) Press Home button.
5) Tap Touch to return to call
6) Press Home button
7) Open Phone app and End Call.

See the activation video below from Ali Yousuf...

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