After we gave you the direct download links for iOS 5, we have a new tutorial for you to help you bypass the activation process and start running the new iOS 5 firmware. This is not a jailbreak, but it will let you use iOS 5 beta without activating it. This iOS 5 hack also exploits a security flaw in the activation screen. Even those users can apply this hack who are new to jailbreaking, as it requires no hacking or jalbreaking.

Note : This has only been confirmed to work on iPod Touch 4G and does NOT to work on the iPad 2. For iDevices with a cellular modem, this may permanently upgrade your baseband, and will also prevent activation with your carrier as you are bypassing it.

Bypass, Skip Activation On iOS 5 [How To] :

1) Download iOS 5 here even if you are not a developer.

2) Now launch iTunes and update your iPod Touch 4G using iTunes. To do this, connect it to your computer, click on the Check for Update button with the Option (Mac) or Shift (PC) key pressed. Select the iOS 5 IPSW file from the place you downloaded it to.

3) On the setup screen, push the home button 3 times until VoiceOver activates.

4) Hold the time on the status bar.

5) Drag down the screen with 3 fingers.

6) Tap twice on the Y!

7) Push the Home button. Optionally, you can also Disable VoiceOver.

If you don't want to bypass the activation process but activate it without a developer account or UDID registered, follow this tutorial.

Now, you have successfully bypassed the activation process on iOS 5. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates on iOS 5 and related jailbreak news.