Comex, a member of iPhone Dev Team has just posted on his Twitter stream a clue to an upcoming jailbreak that hints to another userland jailbreak ( He has teased the latest exploit, if you visit you will see a picture of a ski slope with a sign labeled PDF. If you remember that last jailbreak created by Comex which was was through a vulnerability with how PDF files can be executed on Apple's iOS firmware. Take a look at Comex's tweet below.

This means the clue Comex has shared with us is hinting to another userland jailbreak in the near future. No more info has been revealed besides the clue you can see above. However, we anticipate this jailbreak to be
untethered and supporting the iPad 2.

How Works ?

Visit on your iDevice. Once you have clicked the Jailbreak Me Now button on your iDevice, you will simply need to slide across to jailbreak your iDevice

We will keep you updated on JailbreakMe 3.0. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.