Recently Frash(Flash on iDevices) became available for iPad, but now iPhone users can also install it .You do need to jailbreak because Apple's iOS doesn’t support Flash on iDevices.Kudos to the iAficionado Comex who has always given us the most useful softwares for our iDevices.Credits also go to Grant Pannell for iPhone 4 compilation,in order to make it iPhone 4 compatible.Comex has made it extremely easy to install Frash on your iPhone by releasing it on Cydia.
We have prepared a very easy tutorial on how to install it.

Requirements:A Jailbroken iPhone.

If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone yet, follow this tutorial here.

[How To] Install Frash on your iPhone:

1)Open Cydia > Manage > Sources

2)Press Edit and then add the following source:

3)Search for Frash.

4)Tap Frash to install it on your iPhone.

5)Reboot your iPhone.

[How To]Use Frash on your iPhone:

1)Navigate to a page in Safari which contains non-video Flash content.

2)Press Flash to play it.

Do have look at how does Frash works on the iPhone 4.