Most of you out there would have been irritated with message "Different SIM Detected" on your iPhone.Below is an easy solution on how to fix it.

Although,Sherif Hasim had devised a way to activate iPhone 3GS/3G/4G without the official carrier SIM but it was not up to the mark and users complained that they were getting “Different SIM detected” error.

If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone yet, follow this tutorial here.

[How To] Install this patch:

First of all,Unlock your iPhone using ultrasn0w,follow this tutorial here.

1)Launch Cydia.

2)Go to Manage Tab>Sources.

3)Press the Edit button and then add the following add source:

4)After installing it,Go toSearch tab and search for "Hactivation".

5)Press Hacktivation Patch.

6)Now press the Install button and install the patch.

You have successfully installed the patch and now you won't get "Different SIM Detected"  error.

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