Geohot has just released limera1n to jailbreak iOS 4.1 and iOS 3.2.2. We told you yesterday that Geohot had discovered a new bootrom exploit and was planning to release the limera1n jailbreak. Limera1n is an unpatchable and untethered jailbreak.

Limera1n RC1 jailbreaks the following iDevices :

* iPhone 3GS
* iPhone 4
* iPad
* iPod Touch 3G
* iPod Touch 4G

Geohot has currently released the limera1n RC1 for Windows and will release the Mac and Linux versions soon.

Note: If you want to unlock your iPhone then do NOT use limera1n. Dev-Team will be releasing PwnageTool that will preserve the baseband while updating the iPhone to iOS 4.1.

As always, please don’t forget to tell us how it goes.

Update 1 :

Geohot has updated the post with the known bugs:

    * 3GS new bootrom is broken fix pending.

    * Some users need to restart to get the Cydia icon to show up after installing.

Update 2 :

Limera1n gives you some instructions to jailbreak your iDevice. After you have successfully jailbroken, search for the Limera1n app and install Cydia - the App store for jailbreak apps. After installing it, restart your iDevice. If you have problem launching Limera1n app or Cydia doesn't up even after restarting then try jailbreaking again.

Update 3 :

P0sixninja of the Chronic Dev-Team has tweeted that they will use the exploit used by Geohot in limera1n in greenpois0n. This means that they will preserve the SHAtter exploit for iOS 4.2.

Update 4 :

The website says “Download link pending discussion”. Geohot has said in IRC NOT to use the beta, and beta 2 is coming in 5 minutes. Users are reporting that that it is failing on MC models.

Download : Limera1n