Celeste cracked is a Bluetooth file transfer app which unlocks the bluetooth sharing feature on your iDevice. Celeste cracked allows your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 4.2 or later to send and receive files from any mobile phone like BlackBerry, Motorola and any computer (Mac or PC) that supports OBEX Bluetooth file transfer. With zero configuration, Celeste crack integrates with a wide variety of apps – including Photos, iPod, Contacts, iBooks, Voice Memos, iFile and DropBox. Download Celeste.deb cracked after the jump. Celeste cracked is a breeze to install and use, so even average users can use it. The new Celeste cracked .deb file has been released and is now fully working.

Celeste cracked .deb Update : The new fixed and working Celeste cracked .deb has been released download it below.

Download Celeste cracked : Celeste cracked .deb (working/fixed) 
Download Celeste cracked : Celeste.deb cracked (Mirror) 

If Celeste cracked is not working on your iDevice, follow this guide.   

Install Celeste.deb Crack On Your iDevice [How To] :

1) Download Celeste.deb cracked from the link above.

2) Search for Celeste and install Celeste.deb package

Note :.Celeste.deb cracked version doesn't work with SBRotator and Barrel tweak.

Instructions for iOS 4.3.1 Celeste cracked users :

1) Install BTStack Keyboard (demo) from Cydia. This tweak will install everything you need to run Celeste cracked .deb file.

2) Download MobileTerminal from Cydia.

3) Download ActionMenu 1.1.1 from here: http://apt.thebigbos...phoneos-arm.deb and copy them to var / mobile via SSH or whatever you want.

4) Open MobileTerminal, type su root and set the password (default is alpine).

5) After typing the password you type this command : dpkg -i --ignore-depends=firmware actionmenu_1.1.1_iphoneos arm.deb

6) Close MobileTerminal and respring your iDevice.

7) Download Celeste cracked.deb  from the above links

8) Repeat steps 4 and 5 and type this:

dpkg-i-ignore-depends = firmware celeste.deb
9) Close MobileTerminal respring your iDevice.

Moreover, Celeste.deb cracked integrates perfectly with your built-in iOS apps. See it in action in the video below.

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