Chronic Dev Team have again updated us on the status of iPad 2 jailbreak assured that it will be coming very soon probably using greenpois0n. p0sinxninja, a member of Chronic Dev Team posted on his Twitter stream that the team is still working on a working iPad 2 jailbreak, although no official ETA was specified. Actually, this is not related to jailbreak, it's just a slight reassurance that this project hasn’t been dropped completely.

p0sixninja also challenged Geohot, the developer of limerain jailbreak, to jailbreak iPad 2 before him. Comex has also jumped in the race to jailbreak iPad 2 with the world's easiest jailbreak JailbreakMe 3.0.

Comex also teased JailbreakMe 3.0 recently, which doesn’t require any computer connection with your iDevice, users simply need to visit The website will then take advantage of a PDF exploit within Safari to load the jailbreak into your iDevice without any user intervention as shown below.

We are not sure about iPad 2 jailbreak's ETA and only time will tell us who jailbreaks it. Please post your valuable comments below.