We have some serious news for those of you using iOS 5 beta 1 : it expires on August 4, 2011. iOS 5 beta 1 was released at WWDC 2011, and we gave you the download links too. If you activated your UDID and installed the firmware, just keep in mind that the beta has a timebomb attached to it. On August 4, iOS 5 b1 will stop working (meaning that the build will lock you out of your iDevice). Remember to sync and maintain regular backups of all your stuff. Read on for more info.

Read on for all your problems and doubts on this...

Q : Can the timebomb be deactivated ?
A : No. That involves modifying lockdownd, which would cause it to return an invalid signature on boot and therefore brick your iDevice. Unfortunately, we don’t have an iBoot-level exploit for iOS 5 beta 1, so we can’t break the boot chain.

Q : Can I backup my iDevice after the build deactivates itself ?
A : We are not completely sure, most probably it doesn’t.

Q : Will it make a difference if I have a Wi-Fi only iDevice and just change the date and time ?
A : That won’t work.

Q : Will iTunes let me restore iOS 4.3.3 back to my iDevice, and will everything still be there ?
A : Yes! Just plug in your iDevice and click Restore. All of your data will be restored back the way you had it.

Q : Why did Apple timebombed iOS 5 ?
A : Because you’re not supposed to be using them for your personal uses. They are meant to help developers in porting their apps to iOS 5.

[via @iH8sn0w]